Long Beach fun


This summer, we took a little weekend trip to Long Beach.  Max was at the beach when I was pregnant with him and again when he was 7 weeks old.  Since he is nearly 2.5, we thought it was time to take him to the ocean and thought he might like the aquarium there.  Boy, did he ever…

We stayed just down the street from the Queen Mary.


The hotel was nice and had a kick ass breakfast buffet that came in handy each morning.  We had to take a shuttle to downtown Long Beach, but it was really quick and Max liked riding the bus.


We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific and it was really cool.  He was amazed by everything in there.  He loved watching the little sharks swim around, liked any and all fish, and liked the penquins.

IMG_7428 IMG_7401IMG_7414IMG_7409

We saw some pretty beautiful stuff there.  It was a really fun day.

Max slept in a pack n play in the living area and he did surprisingly well.   He sat through all meals really well, took his naps, went to bed late and slept at night.   He adjusted like a champ.

We ended up at the beach late the first day around 6pm, and wanted to see how he would do.  He doesn’t remember ever seeing the ocean and he loved it.  He kept running up to the water edge and letting it chase him back.  We couldn’t get him to leave.  The water was, of course, freezing cold.

We went to Mother’s beach, geared toward kids the last day we were there and he got to play a little in the water (he wasn’t a huge fan),  in the sand, and on a playground.  He also did not want to leave the beach this day either, but he was hours overdue for his nap.IMG_7495














He got a paddle boat ride, a family bike ride, and a small train ride and he loved them all.




We were so proud of our little guy and got his first major hotel stay under our belts.  Looking forward to many more in the future.



My boy

Max at 1 year

This is my boy, Maxwell Tucker.  He is my joy.  I cannot imagine life without him.  I can’t believe he turned two in February.  It blows my mind!  He is getting so big and so much smarter every single day.

Max was born Feb, 26, 2014.  He was due on the 17th, but apparently felt pretty comfy in utero, so there he stayed until eviction via C-section.  My pregnancy with him was very easy.  I was lucky.  Little to no sickness, not a whole lot of weight gain or heartburn, just some feet in my rib cage for a couple of months.




36 weeks
36 weeks

He sat very high up, even after his due date, he never seemed to drop.  I had a scheduled induction that went nearly 24 before it turned into a c-section due to failure to dilate.  I just stopped at 7cm and no matter what we did, I didn’t move any further.  So, out he came at 8lbs, 6oz and this poor boy looked beat up.  Poor thing was being squeezed for about 18 hours, no wonder he looked so rough.  After a day or so, he looked a lot better.

2.5 weeks old

Max was a good little baby.  He slept a lot the first few months (the 4th trimester) and he ate really well.  He wasn’t particularly fussy, liked being held by anyone, and was generally happy.  He liked to eat!  I could count on him needing fed every 3 hours on the dot.  This would continue until at least a year old.  He was a pacifier baby, aka binky, and still uses it for sleeping (and traveling, lol).  One of these days we will strip it from him, but probably not for a few months.

6 months

Sleep is one thing that it took awhile for him to get a handle on, he was not a good sleeper.  He ate so often, even through the night that he just never got into a sleep through the night pattern.  Yes, I could have just made him cry at night around 5-6 months old until the pattern was broken, but I chose to get my ass up and feed my baby.  It’s just now starting to fade, all the memories of horribly lost sleep and middle of the night crying.  By the baby and me, both.  The first six months to a year is a cruel cocktail of hormones, lack of sleep, dirty diapers and pure panic.  It’s tough.  But you get through it and you want that little snuggler back.  This is why second babies come along.  Max probably slept through the night around 14 months and we were ecstatic!  It felt unbelievable!  Then around 18 months he went through another rough patch, and we suffered through that too.


He started walking around 11 months, and it felt like he immediately ran.  He was saying  quite a few words by about 15 months or so.  Now he is using small sentences and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever.  He definitely enjoys communicating with us, and the dogs.  He has a little bit of a temper when things aren’t going his way, and he gets that from daddy.  He lets himself get worked up over dropping a toy when he didn’t want to or if his cars fall off the ramp.  It’s just something we will work on with him.


The first 2 years were definitely challenging, but worth every second.  We lost his baby sister in November, but fortunately he was still so young that he didn’t understand what had happened.  We are working on another sibling for him and hopefully that will happen soon, I would like them as close together as possible.  But until then, we will eat this kid up, every bit of him.  He is such a good boy, most of the time.   Every day he surprises us and cracks me up.  He is a mama’s boy right now for the most part, but when daddy gets home he gets so excited.  I couldn’t ask for more from a rambunctious 2-year-old toddler, and am looking forward to teaching him new things and watching him explore the world as a little man.






Let’s just call it a crisis


I believe there are a lot of ways to define a mid-life crisis, they can appear in many ways, shapes and forms.   I think I could count this time period in my life as my mid-life crisis.  Most people commonly fall into a mid-life crisis because they hit a spot of boredom or transition or feel unfulfilled, and something in their behavior or actions changes dramatically.   I’d like to make it clear that I’m not bored or unfulfilled in any way, and as far as I can tell, no dramatic changes here.   I am, however, in transition.

A few months ago I quit my job as a LMT for 8.5 years.   I’ve been doing massage since 2001.  I’m licensed in 2 states and probably will be forever.   I’ve done massage in doctor’s offices, rehabilitation clinics, small spas in Ohio and very large spas in Las Vegas.   I worked for a show on the strip, which was amazing.  I’ve had many great opportunities in this field and am pretty sure I’m not done with it.  As for now, I’m a domestic goddess.

I began this blog just a few weeks ago.  It’s something I really want to do and devote time to.   I’ve been looking into help from other bloggers and doing a lot of research.  Here’s my biggest stumbling block.  I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up- or when I am done raising little ones.   This blog, right now, probably looks like a mommy blog, and it might end up as mostly one.  It’s truly  a journey blog.  Whether it’s interesting or not remains to be seen.

When starting a blog, one must choose a niche, or something I’m good at.  Well, I’m good at a number of things…massage therapy, changing diapers while my kid crawls away, sleeping (when I’m permitted to), singing my sentences(which my husband can’t stand), sarcasm.   Not sure if that last one even counts, but I feel like it’s a true talent of mine.  None of these things are in the same niche, but can be cross-referenced when needed.

I have so many things that run through my mind daily.  This is the reason I want to call this stage a crisis.  It feels like one.  What will I do down the road?  And, mind you, this is a few years down the road.  I’m already feeling a panic about it.  I am a planner!  Type A to a fault.  I need to know, get started in another direction, but what the hell am I going to do?  But first, what the hell is this blog going to be about?

  • I thought about getting into real estate for awhile.  I love looking at houses, would love to flip a house or two.  Yes, my television is either on Disney Junior or HGTV.   But even my own real estate agent and friend told me-don’t get into real estate.  OK.
  • I would love to take some photography classes and turn that into a small money maker eventually.  I have a pretty decent camera.  I rarely use it.  Working on that one.
  • I love doing DIY stuff, thank you HGTV.  I’ve done a few small projects around the house and look forward to doing more.  I’ll have a post about those changes soon.
  • I love sports!  Most sports-but especially football.   I pay an unhealthy amount of attention to football minutia.  Female sportscasters seem to be all the rage right now, I would love to do that.   When I have time, I love to be active also.

Above all, I’m married and have children.  This takes up the majority of my life and time right now and I woIMG_7176uldn’t have it any other way.  I could write a lot of info about how cute/maddening my two year old is.  I can write a number of posts about what makes marriage hard and great at the same time.   I’ve lost a child late in pregnancy and will write about loss.  We are just starting to try for our rainbow baby, so I hope soon I can post about that.


This will be my journey.  This is my blog.  Love it, hate it, stay tuned in or never return.  I hope you find something you enjoy, or at least, can relate to here.   I hope there’s lots of that, and plenty of sharing.  Something that makes your day and makes you think you aren’t the only one going through a mid-life crisis.  Although it feels like a crisis to my Type A ass, it’s an amazing change for the better for me and my family.   That’s something I can never lose sight of.



Sometimes life may feel like a crisis, consider it a beautiful storm.


New to this…

Welcome to my new blog!  I’ve recently quit my job of nearly a decade to stay-at-home with my 2 year old son, Maxwell.  I owe that all to my hard working husband.  It feels so great to be home with my son, watching him soak everything up each day.  It fulfills me as a mother, which I’ve always wanted to be since I can remember.  2015 was a rough year for my family and the changes make this feel more like a mid-life crisis.  Maybe it is.  Maybe I’ll love every minute of it, but it’s ok if I don’t.  That’s life.  And I’m trying my best to make mine all good…