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I want it all.  I am blessed with mousey brown hair, much like the picture above.   I’m ok with that overall, but I’d love to rock fire engine red hair, or even pink or purple.  I’ve had red hair in the past, not quite as bright as pictured above though.  My husband would love me to have blonde hair.  I tend to be pretty pale in the winter, so having some blonde in my hair is usually more flattering, I have to agree with him there.

I have done some fun stuff to my hair, I had a cosmetologist as a roomie for a few years.   I pretty much gave her license to do what she wanted as long as it wasn’t too short and would be approved at work.   I even got to shave her head once!   Oh, Sandra I miss you so!  When she moved back East, I began getting my hair done by her good friend.

Alicia has been doing my hair for over six years.  I think I’ve only asked her to fix it twice, and once was completely my fault.  She told me it was gonna be dark and she was right, it was way too dark.  She retired recently to raise her boys so I have been borrowing my friends’ hairdresser.  She is really great, and I really have no complaints at all.  She’s pretty cheap which helps since I’m staying home with Max right now also.   So with my brown hair, I asked her to do some red and to lighten it up a little with some blonde.  I know how hard that is because one is darker and one is light, but she didn’t mind.

When I got my hair done that day I immediately found myself looking online for new hair ideas.  Not a good sign.  I saw many videos on how to DIY Bayalage your hair.  Now bayalage is different from ombre, but basically lighter on the ends, roots dark.  That makes hair easy to grow out.  I was already getting dark roots a week after my foils but with very harsh lines.   I first had to figure out what to do with my newly colored hair.  It was 3 very different shades with already horrible roots.

You can see the 3 colors, and my roots
This is about 1 week old color








In my search, I have seen lots of positive reviews about eSalon‘s custom home hair color.   It’s box hair color, but after filling out a questionnaire telling them what your hair is currently and what you would like, they have you choose from appropriate colors and custom blend it for you.  I was looking for a base color close to my dark brown so it would grow out nicely.  I chose a copper mahogany which was mostly dark brown with – you guessed it, some copper and some mahogany.   It came in the mail within 2 weeks and I colored over all of my previous stripes.   I was really impressed with the color.  It covered everything and felt great afterwards.

Basically really dark brown red
Turned out dark and shiny.








I went out a few days later and purchased my blonde highlighting kit.  I chose Revlon’s Frost and Glow in Honey.  It is recommended for dark brown hair which is what I needed.   One of the more popular techniques to watch is in Jessie James Decker’s video on youtube.   She has pretty great hair and has been doing it on her own for a while.   Her base is much lighter than mine overall, but I wasn’t too worried.   I didn’t do mine exactly like she does, but I used Saran wrap, which other videos suggested to keep the highlighter moist longer and get a more lightening effect.   I chose a day where Max would be at daycare and I made sure I had all my supplies.

I sectioned the hair off in six sections.  I tore up some Saran, mixed the color and began.  I basically brushed it on from about 1/3 of the way down my hair then rubbed the starting point with my fingers to blend it.   I made sure to cover the bottom ends well because I did want that lighter.  I was a little conservative probably at the beginning, worried I would run out when I got to the top/front.  I had plenty though.  Wrapping it in the Saran was difficult and I twisted it a bit which I wouldn’t do next time. It did cause some bleeding with the twisting and I noticed a little stripey effect when I washed it out.  Next time I would just lay the hair flat and put Saran under and over a section.

It took me all day – close to six hours.  It lightened pretty well initially, but I noticed a few flaws and needed to add more to the back, so I did a second process while the color was still good.  Doing the back was difficult so I would recommend having a friend help you out.  Doing it twice is why it took me so long.  IMG_7230 IMG_7231

As you can see from the dark reddish brown photo above, it lightened up quite a bit.  Most of the ends are blonde.  It did do a little damage to the ends so I’m doing a lot of deep conditioning and it’s working out nicely.   The next time I lighten it, which will be awhile, I will probably have a toner ready to put on it.  I had planned to get one, then decided to see how it came out, and felt that I didn’t really need it.  With the reddish base, I had some orange-y tones, but not too brassy.

I wish I had a better pic when I had it fixed or curled a bit, but you get the overall effect.  I’m pretty satisfied with my $25 at home hair and will continue with it for a while.  The bayalage look may be heading out of style, but I’m ok being a busy mom a couple of years out of date.  What’s most important is that I didn’t burn my hair off completely, and I got a nice, lightened effect for summer.  Best of luck should you give it a try, I would love to see feedback from anyone using these products.

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