Long Beach fun


This summer, we took a little weekend trip to Long Beach.  Max was at the beach when I was pregnant with him and again when he was 7 weeks old.  Since he is nearly 2.5, we thought it was time to take him to the ocean and thought he might like the aquarium there.  Boy, did he ever…

We stayed just down the street from the Queen Mary.


The hotel was nice and had a kick ass breakfast buffet that came in handy each morning.  We had to take a shuttle to downtown Long Beach, but it was really quick and Max liked riding the bus.


We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific and it was really cool.  He was amazed by everything in there.  He loved watching the little sharks swim around, liked any and all fish, and liked the penquins.

IMG_7428 IMG_7401IMG_7414IMG_7409

We saw some pretty beautiful stuff there.  It was a really fun day.

Max slept in a pack n play in the living area and he did surprisingly well.   He sat through all meals really well, took his naps, went to bed late and slept at night.   He adjusted like a champ.

We ended up at the beach late the first day around 6pm, and wanted to see how he would do.  He doesn’t remember ever seeing the ocean and he loved it.  He kept running up to the water edge and letting it chase him back.  We couldn’t get him to leave.  The water was, of course, freezing cold.

We went to Mother’s beach, geared toward kids the last day we were there and he got to play a little in the water (he wasn’t a huge fan),  in the sand, and on a playground.  He also did not want to leave the beach this day either, but he was hours overdue for his nap.IMG_7495














He got a paddle boat ride, a family bike ride, and a small train ride and he loved them all.




We were so proud of our little guy and got his first major hotel stay under our belts.  Looking forward to many more in the future.



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