Max, year 2

So much change this year!

I can’t even believe my baby boy is 3!

Year two was so amazing and he has grown up so much!  We were still grieving the loss of his little sister when he turned 2.  It’s still hard some days, and it always will be, but we feel like we haven’t bottled any of it up and are doing well.

Silly little puppy

One of the first things I attempted after his second birthday was potty training him.  I really tried very early, and based on what I had read, I thought it was worth a shot.  I wrote about that here.  He did so well for a number of weeks, got to the wearing undies or shorts stage and did well, then woke up one day about 3 weeks in and decided he was going to pee his pants and he was not going to sit on his potty anymore.  After struggling another week or so, it was clear that he was going to hold out and resist me, so he went back to diapers and we are still there.  Not really a big deal to me, but I would love to be done with them.

His vocabulary really took off this year and he was able to communicate with us much easier.  That made his day to day temperament much more tolerable, for all of us.  He was using a lot of short phrases which have now turned into full sentences.  Around March the Mine! phase began.  Everything was his.  He didn’t go overboard with that, thank goodness, and moved on to more appealing phrases.  Some of my favorites through year 2…

‘Scooz me!’      ‘I chase you.’      ‘Mom, Daddy comin!’     ‘Awww,C’mon…..’   ‘I hold you’ (which really means pick me up)      ‘I did it!!!’    ‘Good job Mom!’     ‘I pooped.’      ‘Oh, that’ll be fun.’   When he gets in trouble he started telling us, ‘be nice to Max’ and occasionally would say- ‘I’m gonna spank your butt’- if he didn’t like being disciplined.   A common sentence we hear is-‘Gonna go bounce house, and tunnels, and trains.’  The bounce house is the playroom at the gym, the tunnels is the indoor playground he loves and the trains is actually a RR about a half hour away.   He says them all together at the same time like we will do them all in the same day.

He’s been loving his Daddy time this year, which is amazing for my husband.  We hear a lot of ‘Daddy, come play’, and ‘Daddy, no go work.’ He loves going to play in the park and loves playing with bigger kids.  He’s becoming more fearless, climbing, jumping, he loves to spin around, trying to jump and throw and catch different types of balls.

He was very into trains for most of this year.  He had a slight obsession with Thomas the Train for many months.  His second birthday party was Choo, Choo I’m 2.  Lots of fun.  After purchasing lots of trains, tracks and a Thomas table for him to play on at Christmas, he lost a little interest in trains and turned to Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers around the New Year.  My nephew then introduced Paw Patrol around his 3rd birthday and we are currently obsessed with that.

Another big milestone for him this year was losing the crib, and the binky!  We removed the front of his crib and put the toddler railing on around August, so he went a good 2.5 years without climbing out of his crib.  For an entire month, he never even got out of his crib, even though he was able to.  Everything in his room is secured to the wall, and his doorknob is reversed so at night we lock it from the outside so he can’t roam the house.   Sometime just before Christmas we put his big boy race car toddler bed in his room.  It took a little getting used to, but he did great.  Some nights he still doesn’t want to stay in bed, so he’ll crawl out and sit behind the door.  That makes me sad when he does that, because I know he’s tired and I just want him to get some sleep.  We got rid of the binky sometime in November, partly because the pediatrician and dentist did recommend it.  And honestly, it was time.  He was only using it for nighttime sleep, but I was dreading the transition.  Turns out it was fine.  I don’t even remember him crying for it.

17 weeks at Christmastime

Another big change in our house is that we are expecting our third child, another little boy.  He is getting excited to be a big brother and now he is old enough to understand (mostly) what is happening.  At the time of this post (I’m so far behind) I am nearly 31 weeks and doing great.  More of that in another post.

We  couldn’t be more proud of our little man.  He’s changed and grown so much in this last year and looks like a little boy now, no longer a baby-faced toddler.  I love listening to him sing songs, explain the pictures in his books or tell me what’s happening in the Paw Patrol episode.  Still so innocent (most of the time) and sweet, he fills me with joy every single day.

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  1. Sorry about the Paw Patrol thing. I beg Jenson every day to pick something else, but he says – “No, Paw Patrol is my only option! Paw Patrol Paw Patrol we’ll be there on the double!”

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