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My son turned two at the end of February.  I decided that it was time to look into potty training.  He can be quite stubborn and I was worried that the longer I waited, the more resistant he may become.  After searching the internet for a few weeks, I saw amazing reviews for the book “Oh Crap! Potty Training” by Jamie Glowacki.

This system is basically a three stage, or block, system starting from Clueless to I Peed to I’m Peeing to I Have To Go Pee.  I’m glad that I got the book and read it because she dis-spells a lot of myths attached to potty training.  Most parents nowadays wait until their children “are ready”.  Everyone says they will show signs they’re ready, they’ll sit on their little potty, etc.  My son had sat on his a time or two, but was generally showing more interest in the toilet paper roll.  We don’t wait for our little ones to be ready for major changes, often times as parents,  we initiate many major changes for our little ones without their readiness.  That made sense to me.  She also explains how countries all over the world have their kids trained before the age of one, and the US is beginning later and later.  She wasn’t sure why this is happening, but most of the reason probably has to do with parents waiting for their children to show they are ready.  She gives a readiness list that helps to see if your child is capable of potty training.  Jamie has been training for over a decade and finds that 20-30 months seems to be the optimum time frame for training.  After 30 months, the power struggle becomes a real problem.

As I prepared myself mentally for this little challenge, I found myself becoming increasingly nervous about how this would go.  I had visions of him peeing all over the rugs and telling me no or hiding behind furniture for a nice number 2.   I tried to keep telling myself to relax, stick it out and just go from there.  I picked a start date and stuck to it.  I took about a week and a half getting ready.  Making sure I had stocked up on juice (coconut water, diluted)  and I got him coconut chocolate milk (diluted with original coconut milk) to try also.  I also bought him a new Camelbak Eddy kids water bottle, which he loved!  We talked about getting rid of his diapers for a few weeks beforehand.  Nothing about our prior talks or preparation told me he was ready.

Day 1-  Naked from the waist down.  Told him no more diapers, pee goes in the potty and filled up his sippy cups and bottles.  Had about 10 pee accidents, but I rushed him to the potty each time.  Luckily, I just happened to catch him pushing on a #2 after dinner and whisked him onto the potty just in time.  He was surprised to see the poo, but was proud of himself.  He’s been able to poo in the potty since then.

Day 2- Naked in the morning, no accidents.  Late morning we did some shorts and he peed them fairly quickly.  We stuck with it and I just kept telling him no pee in your shorts.  He wet his shorts a couple more times so we went back to naked.

Day 3- Still naked.  No accidents.  Wore shorts later in the day and he began to go to the potty with his shorts on and wait for me to hurry to pull them down.  Still a couple shorts accidents but really good overall.  He did have a #2 accident in shorts in the five minutes I let Daddy watch him.  This is after I strongly warned my husband that he was about to go.

Day 4- daycare in a diaper.  Came home diaper off and did well.

Within the next two weeks, he has come home from daycare and asked to take his diaper off to pee.  He’s so excited about it, which really shocked me.  He still says ‘bye bye pee pee’ everytime we flush.  We’ve gone an entire day in shorts with no accidents.  We’ve had short car trips with no accidents also.  I’ve taken the potty in the car, but haven’t used it yet.  He’s initiating on his own, but not really telling me he has to go.

I do think that wearing diapers all day at daycare might be confusing him a little bit, so I’m trying to explain that he only wears diapers for sleep and school.  When he’s naked, he does really well.

We are going to have accidents and lots of them.  Last night, sitting naked next to me on the couch, it must’ve come up suddenly because I totally missed his face and everything.  All I know that happened was he sneezed and when I looked over he had pooped on the couch.  (Fortunately, it’s wipeable.)  I wasn’t expecting that and by the look of it, neither was he.  Today we walked down to the park and he’s not sure what to do there, and doesn’t yet tell me he has to go.  He can pee right out in the grass but doesn’t really know that’s ok.  So he’s standing there in front of me, looks down and he’s peeing right into his crocs.  Needless to say, we went and played in the splash pad right away.

It’s going to be a process for sure but I’m so proud of where he is heading.  I have to remind myself that for two years he did whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted.  I think he’s doing so well and Daddy and I are so happy that he’s enjoying hitting the potty.   He’s getting so big, so fast, right before our eyes.  IMG_7097

This book and system worked for us and she has so much info on her webpage, which is linked above.  Good luck to all you future potty trainers, I hope it’s not as horrible as you think it will be.









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